Always On VPN – Introduction

Always On VPN – Introduction

23 March 2023 Windows 0

VPN is a crucial solution that is essential for remote work in the IT industry. In this blog series, I will be describing Microsoft’s Always On VPN solution.

The series of blog posts will cover the implementation process, focusing on the following objectives:

  1. Deploying the “Device Tunnel” without requiring the Windows Enterprise edition.
  2. Setting up the “User Tunnel” with the enforced routing of all traffic through the VPN.
  3. For this implementation, we will not be utilizing a RAS server. Instead, we will be using the NGFW FortiGate as a VPN gateway.
  4. The implementation does not rely on Microsoft Intune and is based on proprietary PowerShell scripts and Windows Scheduler Tasks.

By following these posts, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to implement Microsoft’s Always On VPN solution effectively. Stay tuned for the upcoming entries!


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